100% para-aramid aluminised hood: Protection against molten metal splashes and against contact with flames. Flexible and comfortable.


Aluminised hood with golden visor

Aratex hood, 100% para-aramid, a fabric specially developed to protect against convective heat, radiant heat and metal splashes. The hood has a gold visor filtering infrared radiation, grade 4-3. Several options are available for visor materials, from laminated glass to polycarbonate. The hood includes adjustable straps and 5 cm velcro tethering is available. 

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Aluminised hood with golden visor

The hood, from the Medop aluminised line, offers excellent protection and versatility thanks to its different adjustment options. Learn more about this product’s characteristics:

-          100% para-aramid (450 g/m2) Aratex fabric. Aratex is a fabric developed for protection against convective heat, metal splashes and contact heat, with low electrical conductivity and high chemical and cut resistance.

-          Aratex has a dual mirror aluminised system, which offers a double layer of protection to the worker in the event of breakage or wear of the exterior layer.

-          The adhesive used to join the aluminised layer and the base material (para-aramid) is made of silicone. Silicone prevents flames from spreading, does not emit gases if burned and is wonderfully resistant when in contact with hot metals.

-          Soft and flexible fabric, providing greater comfort.

-          Garments are light in order to ensure improved mobility.

-          Gold visor filtering infrared radiation, shade 4-3.

-          There are 2 visor options available:

o   Mirrored laminated glass visor, 4 mm thick, dimensions: 100 x 200 mm, provides protection against radiant heat over 600ºC; marking is 4-3 M1S.

o   Flexible polycarbonate visor, 1 mm thick, dimensions: 100 x 200 mm, provides protection against radiant heat over 600ºC; marking is 4-3 M2S.

-          With adjustable straps.

-          Also available with 5 cm velcro docking.

-          Category 3 PPE.

-          Markings for this product are:

o   Limited flame propagation: A1 (the surface can withstand a flame for 10 sec, and the post-combustion time is up to 2 sec.)

o   Convective heat: B1 (heat flow range from 4 to 10 seconds, 80 Kw/m3)

o   Radiant heat: C4 (heat flow range > 95 seconds at 20 Kw/m3)

o   Molten aluminium splashes: D3 (molten aluminium splashes of more than 350 grams)

o   Molten iron splashes: E3 (molten iron splashes of more than 200 grams)

o   Contact heat: F2 (conductive heat transfer time from 10 to 15 seconds at 250ºC)

The aluminised hood is a PPE for industrial use, such as foundries, metal industry, pyrotechnics, furnace repair, cement works, steelworks, etc.