Leaders in
personal protection equipment

With more than 50 years' experience manufacturing individual protection equipment, we are the perfect ally in worker safety.

Medop, a leading protection manufacturer worldwide for over 50 years.

50 countries

Currently, we distribute our products in more than 50 countries and, aside from Spain, we have delegates supervising Italy, France and Portugal, with more to be added in the future!

8,000 plants

With a presence in more than 8,000 plants in all possible sectors: Automotive, Aeronautics, Construction, Energy, Agriculture, Food and Beverage, etc.

1 million workers

There are already more than 1,000,000 workers protected with Medop PPEs. Our objective: to protect all workers worldwide to achieve a 0% rate of workplace accidents.

4,000 distributors

Our philosophy is partnership with distributors that share our same goal to protect more workers everyday.

Medop promises

At Medop, we are concerned with the quality of our products, client satisfaction, worker well-being, gender equality, worker placement and the environment.


ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System homologation.

All of our products are certified and have the CE homologation marking. In addition, reviews of category 3 PPEs are performed yearly.


Adherent to the Ecoembes system, we are aiming for suitable waste and raw material management and eco-friendly products.

Gender equality

We stand by a gender parity hiring policy, thus doing our part to create a more equal society.


We ask our partners and providers about their level of satisfaction in order to improve our customer service and assistance.


We try to support the providers and collaborators in our immediate environment in an attempt to foster the development of our community.

Worker placement

We work with occupational workshops that are hoping to place people with disabilities or social difficulties in jobs.


Antonio Díaz-Sarabia and Elisa Azkarate founded Medical Óptica as an optician business in Bilbao, and delegated the management to their son, Antonio.


A customer of the optician’s tells them that a chemical industry wants to introduce safety spectacles to their factory. After researching the market and trying to find the best solutions, Antonio managed to transmit the need to create safety spectacles with a thermal treatment. At this time he obtained his first customer, Dow Chemical, and identified a new business to add value to.


Start of manufacture of prescription safety spectacles for the main companies of the time: General Electric, Altos Hornos de Vizcaya, Astilleros Españoles, Firestone…


Due to high demand, it was decided that new machinery with a higher manufacturing capacity was required. Therefore Antonio travelled to Italy, where he discovered that a new application process for lens treatments was being developed in the north. After unexpectedly travelling to this factory, Antonio ran out of money. Sensing the situation, the taxi driver that brought him there took him for the best panini and birra of his life.


The first mobile units were created that travelled Spain providing service to industries. Also the range of products was increased to the respiratory, hearing and sight lines.


The safety business became so large that was separated from the optician business, creating an independent company called MEDOP and becoming the Spanish company with the highest number of certified spectacles.


Thanks to its experience in street wear spectacles, Medop offers the industry high quality spectacles and improved characteristics such as different materials and coatings adapted to the needs of each production process, which implies a complete innovation in the safety sector.


Start of exportation of products to Portugal, Italy, France, Turkey, etc.


New expansion of the laboratory including new cutting edge technology to shorten the manufacturing times.


Development and incorporation of new product families into the catalogue, such as helmets, suits, gloves, etc.


Launch of the first digital management platform to make the process of requesting prescription safety spectacles easier.


Market launch of the first prescription safety spectacles with the same marking as panoramic lenses and a wide range of prescriptions: the Xtreme Hybrid model.