P3P with Valve, foldable 4P Series particle filtering mask, innovative double horizontal pleat design, comfort and ease of breathing with FFP3 protection.

P3 foldable valve

4P series FFP3 particle filtering mask with valve. 10 units per box

The P3P Valve is a folding particle filtering mask from the 4P series that is characterised by an innovative use of the double horizontal fold, which allows for an optimal fit to the face of the wearer, and which ensures unparalleled breathing comfort. The FFP3 marking guarantees maximum respiratory protection from solid and liquid particles. It can be used in almost any sector. 

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4P series FFP3 particle filtering mask with valve. 10 units per box

The P3P with Valve is a particle filtering mask with an FFP3 marking from the 4P series, which makes it very interesting due to the following characteristics:

-          Folding filter mask manufactured in polypropylene and polyester, which is soft to the touch, lightweight, flexible and with high breathability performance.

-          Has an innovative 3-panel folding body design, which ensures a perfect fit and seal to the wearer’s face. The 3-panel configuration allows an inner cavity to form that makes it very comfortable to use and makes communication easier.

-          Includes a mouldable nose clip that ensures optimum fit and absorbs perspiration.

-          Built-in circular valve with perimeter openings to prevent the concentration of heat and moisture and thus increase the user’s comfort.

-          Attaches to the head using a double elastic, heat-sealed to avoid the entrance of metal pieces; the elastics, which have colour identifiers, show the protection being used by the wearer. In this case, the elastic is grey.

-          Latex- and cellulose-free, avoids allergic reactions.

-          Does not contain any elements that can detach; offers greater safety and hygiene.

-          They pass the dolomite test maintaining high performance even in environments with a lot of dust.

-          Every particle filtering mask comes individually wrapped in order to ensure proper hygiene and facilitate storage.

-          Use level 3: High concentrations of dust and particles that can affect the respiratory tracts. Limit value > 10 mg/m3 (50 x TLV)

-          Marking: FFP3

Thanks to its characteristics and marking, the P3P with Valve guarantees respiratory protection against solid and liquid particles. Must not be used for filtering out gas or vapour. Do not use in atmospheres with less than 17% oxygen content volume either, nor in explosive atmospheres. Protection against inert dusts and aerosols that do not affect the respiratory tracts. It can be used in any sector: for example, in sanding jobs, drilling, construction, biological allergens or agriculture.