Cabeza Cerrada is a face shield with different visor options available; comfort and safety assured.

Cabeza cerrada

Full face shield

The Cabeza Abierta is a polypropylene face shield that can be fit to the head using a harness, is adjustable and can flip up. Comfort is guaranteed thanks to the wheel head adjustment and the sweatband that prevents sweat from getting in the eyes and provides comfort. The visor is also adjustable in height using a track wheel. Without a doubt, it is a comfortable visor custom-fit for any wearer.

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Full face shield

The Cabeza Cerrada is a face shield with visor with upper and lower protection that combine to make a complete facial shield with the following characteristics:

-          Polypropylene head adapter adjustable using the headband.

-          Made up of an upper adjustable folding adapter and a lower protection element, which conform the complete facial shield, protecting from particles coming from any direction.

-          Adjusts to the head using a wheel, adapting itself in this way to any physiognomy.

-          With cotton anti-perspiration band, designed to offer excellent protection against perspiration dripping into eyes, and making adapters more comfortable.

-          For use without a helmet.

-          The visor is adjustable in height using a track wheel.

-          There are several visor options available:

o   1 mm-thick polycarbonate visor with M1B9 marking.

o   Acetate visor for electric arcs with anti-fogging, 1.5 mm in width, with M1BN8 marking.

-          Electrical resistance depends on the visor; the polycarbonate visor resists up to 1000 V and the acetate visor resists > 600 V.

Due to these characteristics, this face shield can be used in the following sectors: painting, gardening, forestry, construction work, woodwork, agriculture and farming, foundries and furnaces, etc.