Cabeza Abierta is a face shield with different visor options available; comfort and safety assured.

Cabeza abierta

Adjustable, collapsible adaptor

Adaptarama is a face shield with a double adjustment system for achieving optimal adjustment; the visor can be flipped up and is mounted on the outer side of the shield in order to avoid liquids seeping inside the screen. It includes a sweatband to offer excellent protection against sweat getting into the eyes while providing greater comfort. It is an excellent visor to use for gardening, painting and forestry work, among others.

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Adjustable, collapsible adaptor

Cabeza Abierta is an adjustable flip-up face shield characterised by comfort and worker adaptability, as well as many other features:

-          Polypropylene face shield adjustable using a harness, can be flipped up.

-          Face shield adjusts perfectly to face using a wheel.

-          With cotton anti-perspiration band, designed to offer excellent protection against perspiration dripping into eyes, and making it more comfortable to use.

-          Approximate circumference of the face shield is a minimum of 59 cm and a maximum of 69 cm.

-          Visor is height-adjustable using a wheel when using it without a helmet.

-          There are several visor options:

o   1 mm polycarbonate visor with M1B39 marking.

o   Acetate visor for electric arcs with anti-fogging, 1.5 mm in width, with M1BN38 marking.

-          Electrical resistance for the polycarbonate material visor is 1000 V and for the acetate version is >600 V.

The Cabeza Abierta is a face shield with visor that, depending on the version, has a wide range of uses; it is recommended for use in sectors such as painting, gardening, forestry work, construction, wood, agriculture, outdoor work, smelting and ovens.