Hercules safety spectacles are the Medop spectacles with a classic design that protects against multiple eye risks.

Hercules prescription version

Classic prescription safety spectacles

The Hércules safety spectacles offer comfort and adaptability to the wearer due to the metal-core arms and 3 available sizes. The Hércules spectacles offer excellent upper and lateral protection and they have the perfect frame to protect the eyes against impact risks. The spectacles may be graduated; thanks to their design, a large field may be graduated.

Product configuration

Classic prescription safety spectacles

The Hercules safety spectacles are classically designed spectacles, which are very versatile due to the following characteristics:

-          The frame is made of grimalid material, which provides superior strength.

-          The arms are made of propionate and are flame-retardant with a metal core that provides a better fit for the wearer.

-          Excellent upper and side protection

-          3 different sizes available: M, L, XL

-          Frame available in 3 different colours.

        Prescription limit +/- 8 dioptres

-          This model can be graduated and configured in order to offer spectacles that are 100% custom fit to each wearer.

The Hercules spectacles offer eye protection against impacts. This model is recommended for use in sectors such as agriculture, forest development, automobiles, textiles, plastics, construction, etc.