More than 12 hours of continuous anti-fogging effect.

The Spray prevents fogging, while keeping lenses, visors and other surfaces clean. The anti-fogging spray makes it safer to work in places where temperature changes or over-exertion lead to perspiration, in jobs where steam emissions are present, and when eye and respiratory protection are worn at the same time.


Spectacle cleaning wipes

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More than 12 hours of continuous anti-fogging effect.

The Spray is suitable for all types of materials: Polycarbonate, Organic CR-39 and

MR7, Acetate or Mineral. It provides an anti-fogging effect on all types of neutral lenses

(non-prescription). In the case of prescription lenses, these should include the

coating for optimal anti-fogging results, since the spray will activate the coated

prescription lenses.


Fogging is reduced or completely eliminated thanks to the effect of the surfactants the

spray contains, which affect the surface tension of the treated area or surface, besides

functioning as a cleanser.


stays effective throughout its period of use, even if the surface the

Antifog Plus was applied to becomes wet, whether immersed or simply splashed with

a bit of water.


It can not only be used with safety eyewear and visors, but also with ordinary glasses

(also sunglasses) and other items such as protective

Easy to apply. Precise product flow control.

More than 12 hours of continuous anti-fogging effect.