Xirium panoramic goggles from Medop, goggles with a double lens and double protection with a 3459BTKN marking.


Panoramic goggles with double lens, double protection

The Xirium spectacles are a model that offers high protection against liquids, dust, molten metal, medium-energy and high-temperature impacts. Due to their anti-fogging treatment (N) and double lens, they are ideally suited to activities exposed to hot environments or to changes in temperature. They are recommended for sectors such as: chemistry, agriculture, work with lathes, polishing machines, construction and quarries.  




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Features : 2C-1,2 M 1 BTKN3460

Panoramic goggles with double lens, double protection

The Xirium spectacles are double-protected spectacles, thanks to their double lens system and the following characteristics:

-          Frames manufactured in TPR, flame retardant material that supports up to 150 ºC.

-          Great grip thanks to their 3.5 cm band, with non-slip silicone waves on the inner side.

-          Band has two velcro closures for a perfect, secure fit.

-          Wide field of vision.

-          Dual lens system with EVA foam separation.

-          No metal components.

-          Inner lens is made of 0.5 mm-thick acetate, a material that prevents fogging.

-          External lens is made of 2.3 mm-thick polycarbonate, a material that ensures excellent impact protection.

-          The intermediate lens separation in EVA foam creates an air chamber to reduce fogging.

-          Lenses are made of polycarbonate with certified anti-scratch and anti-fog coating.

-          UV400 protection, 100% protection against ultraviolet rays.

-          3459BTKN marking: Protection from liquids, coarse dust, fine dust, molten metal, medium-energy impacts, high-speed impacts at extreme temperatures, anti-scratch and anti-fogging.