Gadea spectacles from Medop are spectacles with a perfect facial seal, they are comfortable and versatile spectacles with perfect upper and side protection.


Spectacles with a perfect face seal

The Gadea spectacles have a perfect facial seal that protects against low-energy impacts and can be used simultaneously with other PPEs. Automobiles, construction, textile, food and beverage, painters, laboratories, iron and steel, inspectors and quality control. They are very versatile spectacles.




Anti-scratch and anti-fogging


Interchangeable temples

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Features : 2C-1,2 M 1 F CE , 5-1,7 M 1 F CE , 5-2,5 M 1 F CE

Spectacles with a perfect face seal

The Gadea safety spectacles are spectacles with a perfect facial seal that provides comfort and protection, with the following characteristics:

-          Frames and lenses made of polycarbonate for greater impact protection.

-          The curved design of the frame provides ample wraparound coverage without visual anomalies.

-          Foam interior for perfect fit to the face to maximize comfort and minimize impacts from potential impacts.

-          Excellent upper and side protection.

-          Nose bridge is made of EVA, which provides greater comfort.

-          Very versatile spectacles, thanks to the 3-way adjustable arms that can adjust to all physiognomies.

-          Includes an elastic band for better fit, improving the grip of the temples.

-          Ideal for simultaneous use with other PPEs.

-          Silicone free.

-          Weight: 30 grams.

-          All lenses are made of polycarbonate with anti-fog coating; sharp vision even in sudden temperature changes; anti-scratch, which ensures longer lens life.

-          Lenses available in 2 different versions: clear and solar. Ultraviolet filters with good colour recognition for sources that emit a predominant radiation and when glare is not an important factor.

-          F marking: Protection against low-energy impacts.