100% para-aramid aluminised apron: Protection against molten metal splashes and against contact with flames. Flexible and comfortable.


Aluminised apron front protection

Aluminised 100% para-aramid Aratex apron, 450 g/m2; Aratex is a special fabric for protection against convective heat, molten metal splashes and contact heat. This apron contains two aluminised 100% para-aramid adjustable Aratex straps in the neck and waist for greater comfort; the back, arms and shoulders are left uncovered.

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Aluminised apron front protection

The apron is an excellent aluminised protector due to the following:

-          100% para-aramid (450 g/m2) Aratex fabric. Aratex is a fabric developed for protection against convective heat, metal splashes and contact heat, with low electrical conductivity and high chemical and cut resistance.

-          Aratex has a dual mirror aluminised system, which offers a double layer of protection to the worker in the event of breakage or wear of the exterior layer.

-          The adhesive used to join the aluminised layer and the base material (para-aramid) is made of silicone. Silicone prevents flames from spreading, does not emit gases if burned and is wonderfully resistant when in contact with hot metals.

-          Soft and flexible fabric, providing greater comfort.

-          Garments are light in order to ensure improved mobility.

-          The apron contains two aluminised 100% para-aramid adjustable Aratex straps at the nape of the neck and the waist for greater comfort.

-          Backside, arms and shoulders are uncovered.

-          Category 3 PPE.

-          Marking as follows:

o   Limited flame propagation: A1 (the surface can withstand a flame for 10 sec, and the post-combustion time is up to 2 sec.)

o   Convective heat: B1 (heat flow range from 4 to 10 seconds, 80 Kw/m3)

o   Radiant heat: C4 (heat flow range > 95 seconds at 20 Kw/m3)

o   Molten aluminium splashes: D3 (molten aluminium splashes of more than 350 grams)

o   Molten iron splashes: E3 (molten iron splashes of more than 200 grams)

o   Contact heat: F2 (conductive heat transfer time from 10 to 15 seconds at 250ºC)

Due to the characteristics of the apron from the Aratex aluminised line, it is recommended for use in sectors such as: smelting, metal industries, pyrotechnics, ovens, cement works, steelworks.